Kaje is pronounced like the word “cagey”

(definition: crafty, shrewd, tricky)


Kaje Picture Password is an implementation of the U.S. National Institutes of Standards Picture Password recommendation for user logins (NISTIR 7030), with a special touch.

The Kaje Picture Password “Software as a Service” serves as a proof of knowledge replacement for typed passwords or PINs, with minimal effort or impact on a website’s design, systems, or maintenance.   Picture passwords are superior in every way to typed passwords. As with the Picture Password option on Windows 8+ login, they have been shown to be safer, easier to remember, and more secure than other methods. But Kaje Picture Passwords are available to web sites, and work on all platforms from desktops to phones, all operating systems, and all browsers.


Benefits of the Kaje SaaS
  • More secure – 3 picture password actions are equal to 8 typed alphanumeric-symbol characters
  • Anti phishing – help users recognize and avoid fake websites that steal data
  • Separation of databases – reduce risk and liability from website breaches
  • Simple integration – use our RESTful API or a CMS plugin
  • Human recognition memory – picture passwords are easier to remember than typed passwords
  • Try it FREE – the first 10,000 successful proofs of knowledge are free


Anytime you ask your users to type in a password, consider giving them the option to mouse-in or touch-in their password instead.  To get started on incorporating picture passwords as an option for your users, Register Here.

Try Kaje now.  Try a tricky move.  Have fun!  Your users will.


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